The modern Swedish Johanniter Order was originally part of the refunded Bailiwick of Brandenburg. It was reorganized as a Swedish Commandery in 1920, still a dependent of the German Order, but under the protection of the Swedish crown. In 1946 it became autonomous order, independent from the German Order with the Swedish King as High Protector. The Order supports the elderly and sick and cooperates with Swedish hospitals, charitable organizations and Christian communities. It is also involved in international work with refugees, political prisoners and the sick.
There are four orders forming the Alliance of the Orders of St. John:

The Johanniter Order
The Venerable Order of St. John
The Johanniter Order in The Netherlands
The Johanniter Order in Sweden

In addition to the four Orders there are four Commanderies that are members of the Alliance: Finland, France, Hungary and Switzerland.
Besides The Sovereign Military Order of Malta, the four Orders of St. John are recognized by the Vatican as “Orders of Chivalry” (because founded by reigning sovereigns).

There are dozens of organizations around the world that use the name, symbols, and heritage of the Johanniter. Some of these organizations do so un-knowingly; others do it deliberately. They are not recognized.