Kommendatorn (the Commander) is in charge of the Order, assisted by Konventet (the Chapter) with a maximum of twelve members. The highest decision-making body of the Order is Riddardagen (the Annual Meeting). Beneath the Chapter, the Order is organised in four regions: Southern, Western, Eastern and the Stockholm area.

The legally protected Emblem of the Order is the white Amalfi cross with sheaves connecting the arms of the cross. The Standard is in red and blue, white and gold, showing the white cross twice iterated on a red background and three open crowns (the coat of arms of Sweden) in gold on a blue background. The knights wear a breast cross and collar cross in white enamel. The collar cross worn on a black silk ribbon with white edged stripes, again has sheaves connecting the arms with the cross. For the knights of Justice, these are crowned by a royal crown in gold (also protected in law).

Today HM King Carl XVI Gustav is the High Patron and HM Queen Silvia the First Honorary Member of the Order.
Its headquarters have been at the Riddarhuset in Stockholm. The Order has semi-official status, and has about 360 members of whom 60 are Knights of Justice. Knights have to belong to the Swedish Church or another Christian Evangelical Church and acknowledge the Christian faith.